We stand firm in our belief that digital should not be a distraction; instead, it should act as an enabler of human potential.

What drives us

We are on a mission to make work more than just tasks to be completed – we strive to make it a source of joy, fulfillment, and meaningful accomplishments. Our commitment lies in creating digital experiences that cultivate productivity, streamline processes, and provide the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

Human well-being is the highest trade and serves as a foundation for everything we do. We use a blend of unburdened creativity, the latest design principles, and technologies to help brands and businesses unlock their full potential and shape a brighter more fulfilling future.

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  • Our Values

    0 1 We grow and solve together.

    Collaboration is in our DNA
    We learn, succeed and accelerate as one team
    We innovate to stay ahead of the curve

  • Our Values

    0 2 We don’t take shortcuts, we are in it for the long run.

    We are mission and vision driven
    We aim to build sustainable solutions
    After successful delivery the partnership continues

  • Our Values

    0 3 Working with us will make you feel at home

    We are international, diverse and inclusive
    We are always there when you need us
    Above everything, we love what we do

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What makes
us different

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    We assemble and dedicate an in-house team to each project and provide scalability with our near-shore eco-system of developers and engineers.

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    We dare to challenge user experience while keeping the importance of business value as our guiding beacon.

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    We believe in upfront clarity and advocate full-transparency in all our projects to ensure that nothing is left in the shadows.

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    At Studio Vi diversity and inclusivity are an integral part of our culture, allowing us to make impactful products that resonate with all types of users.

  • We have a clear and transparent process, keeping the client involved through all stages of design and development
  • Through well executed development, maintenance and communication, we keep your website safe and up to date

Meet our
creative team


Working at Studio Vi means working on your full potential. We are looking for passionate minds dedicated to creating valuable interactions between people through digital design and development. We believe in dedication, teamwork, ownership and talent to make sure everybody grows.

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Studio Vi Founders

“Studio Vi has been an extension of our team for many years. Just like felyx, they are ambitious with a no-nonsense vibe that suits a scale-up. You can rely on Vi!”

Marlies Wensink —
Global Head of CRM at felyx

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