• Education

    01 Education

    Studio Vi is at the forefront of the Education Revolution. Through innovative digital solutions, we empower a world of interactive and personalised learning experiences. Whether you’re a university or a research institute, our team can help you explore the vast possibilities of technology and education combined.

  • Real Estate

    02 Real Estate

    Real estate is facing a new era where trust must start in the digital world. Studio Vi empowers you to provide seamless investment journeys, backed by transparency and ongoing support at every stage. Tools are just the beginning, trust is the foundation.

  • Travel

    03 Travel

    At Studio Vi, we empower hospitality and travel companies to create personalised journeys for each guest, from seamless booking to unforgettable in-destination moments. Experience the future of travel, where technology feels personal.

  • NGOs & Non-Profit

    04 NGOs & Non-Profit

    Imagine a world where distance is no barrier to positive change. Studio Vi’s digital tools empower people to connect and collaborate, building stronger, more impactful communities and driving real change.