Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all education. Today, technology empowers personalised learning journeys that transcend the classroom walls.

At Studio Vi we simplify the digital learning experience for everyone, from intuitive platforms streamlining tasks like document sharing, feedback exchange, to progress tracking.

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Imagine a world of personalised learning

Studio Vi empowers educational institutions to create personalised learning experiences for everyone. We believe in collaborative innovation, working closely with all stakeholders, from students to educators, to design engaging and effective learning solutions. Here’s how we transform the educational landscape:

Collaborative design & prioritised features

Deep collaboration begins with kick-off sessions, workshops, and user testing. This ensures we capture every voice and need, leading to the development of clickable prototypes tailored to each specific requirement. We prioritise features based on urgency, ensuring we address your most pressing needs first. This could involve streamlining workflows, optimising platform navigation, or other functionalities crucial for all users, such as teachers managing assignments and students accessing learning materials.

Data security & personalised learning

Our self-hosted large language models (LLMs) empower you to personalise content while ensuring data privacy. This ensures compliance with EU regulations and standards. Through these AI-powered solutions, we tailor content to each student’s pace and preferences, creating a more engaging and effective learning journey that prioritises data security.

Seamless navigation for unforgettable experiences

Effortless navigation and a positive user experience are the cornerstones of Studio Vi’s solutions. A well-designed platform empowers teachers and students to focus on learning, not technology. Key features like clear layouts, user-friendly interfaces, and easy access to resources facilitate both effortless navigation and a positive user experience. Furthermore, the platform offers a clear view of content and student engagement, enabling institutions to effectively curate content and continuously improve. This ensures your institution remains at the forefront of education.

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