Website design audit


Websites are built upon ever-evolving technology, to be used on the newest iPhone every 6 months. This can mean your website is being rendered differently than when it was 1st created, leading to design flaws or elements not working correctly. One common factor is that phone screens are generally larger now than 2 years ago, meaning your website might not look how it should on the screen of the new iPhone.

Additional Content

The contents of a website should not be permanent, they should grow and evolve with your business. Whether it’s adding a new page, section or form, the contents of a website may eventually grow beyond the original design. A design audit looks at each element as part of the overall picture, rather than focusing on the single element. If there are many contributors to your website, this is more likely to lead to design inconsistencies.

Website Purpose

Businesses evolve with time, which can lead to providing different services or a shift in their target audience. Over time you will see in what ways your website benefits your business and may want to fine-tune it to better serve those needs or remove any redundant parts that may exist. Your website should evolve with you, and work for your business in its current state. A lot of our clients’ websites over time have moved from a showcase website to a lead generation tool. This change in purpose is a prime example of why you would need to look at the design of your website through a new perspective lens.

The Process

Firstly we evaluate how you would like the website to work for you; the purpose, conversion techniques and information architecture. We then collect user data through heatmaps & analytics. Our designers use this information to conduct their audit. The result is a clear definition of what changes would best improve the design of your website to work better for you and your users.