Digital Strategy Studio

We get to know you

Every project starts with getting to know you. We must understand who you are and what services or products you are offering. It is important to know your goals and values to align the strategy of your product. In case you did the Brand Strategy with us, great – then we already have defined it together. It’s important to note that co-creation is key to our process, as we believe that the best digital strategy is one developed in partnership with our clients. Together, we can create something truly exceptional.

We get to know your product

To understand the product or service that our partner is offering. Doing so allows us to understand the users’ needs and why those users might be looking for a particular service or product in the first place. It helps us to ask the right questions in our user research.

We get to know your users

To get a digital strategy right, we must understand the users. Therefore, we do user research, allow for the creation of user profiles and personas. What is a user’s initial need, problem, or desire for the product? What purpose do they seek to fulfil with the product? What are their frustrations?

Vidar Daniels
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Digital Director
Vidar Daniels

With Vidar’s broad experience with design and usability, he is responsible for strategising the use of digital design within Studio Vi.