Technology solutions for business

Software solutions for small business

Studio Vi designs a wide range of software solutions for small businesses ranging from reservation systems to customer service chatbots. All of our products are tailor-made for our client’s needs and their consumer’s demands and can be flexible when it comes to project budget. As always with Studio Vi, you can expect these products to be rigorously tested, maintained, secure, and user friendly.

Automation of tasks

One of the most common requests for custom software solutions is the automation of tasks. These tasks include dealing with customer inquiries, payment processing, and creating bookings and reservations. We can create software for any day to day task that can be automated, custom-designed to fit your businesses demands using cutting edge technology and development techniques.

Victor Eekhof
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Technology Director
Victor Eekhof

Victor helps to ensure that technical projects are executed effectively and efficiently, and that the team has the necessary expertise and support to deliver successful digital products.