Transforming the way we experience commercial real estate

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Layers develops commercial real estate with the promise to create both future-proof and sustainable concepts in the Randstad area and beyond. Based on the principle of ‘value-add real estate’, they contribute to the environment and appearance of industrial areas with their high-quality architecture. Currently, Layers has eight locations in its portfolio, which are divided into units and made available for private sale to investors and local entrepreneurs.



Key features

Comprehensive Digital and Brand Strategy

Intuitive ‘unit selector’ for providing detailed information

Organic user journey through advanced animations

The briefing

After several years of growth, it was time for Layers to take a good look at their brand and digital proposition. Layers asked Studio Vi to think along with them and sought a way to make their digital proposition play a more active role in their business operations. Since the locations are often not yet built, it is not always possible for potential buyers to view the units in person. In addition to experience, conversion, retention, and automating the customer journey as much as possible, a convincing presentation of the product was central during this project.

Layers development website case study

From brand strategy to digital proposition

The project was initiated with the brand identity and brand positioning so that we can establish the brand internally, give it a stronger meaning, and lay a strong strategic foundation to build upon. The goal was to establish a clear shared understanding of the brand and determine the best direction to move forward.

Layers physical brand book

Following this, we continued with the digital strategy to answer two important questions: how can the results of the brand strategy fit in with the target audiences, and how do we translate this into a digital product? As part of this research, we tested the current website and sales funnel. After an assessment and user testing of the current website and qualitative interviews with the target audience, we optimised the structure and layout of the website to meet the information needs of the end-user. Additionally, we designed the website to enable users to navigate to the necessary contact points more quickly and provided them with the desired information in order to convert them.

After Before
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Layers website sitemap after
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The appearance of the units and leaving out unnecessary information proved to be an important starting point for the design of the new Layers website. This has resulted in striking visuals, which do most of the talking. All textual information has been minimised to what the target audience is specifically looking for.

Layers mobile responsive mockups

Using videos, animations, and scroll effects, the user is taken on a journey through the world of Layers. This is best experienced when looking at the available units. The research showed, among other things, that a major gap was the lack of up-to-date information on the availability of the units. We solved this with the ‘unit selector’, which allows the user to intuitively see which units are available, essential information, and where they are located on the site.


When it comes to the technology driving this web experience, three features were important parts of defining the approach. First, the client asked for a scalable solution, which can be extended to a platform in the future to a platform with more direct interactions with users. Second, the focus was on creating a smooth, high-end user experience. Third was to add dynamic building specifications to their existing 3D renders.

We developed a custom solution using a market-proven CMS which provides the flexibility needed for future extension. For handling animations, complex timelines were set up triggered by various user interactions such as cookie consent, scrolling, clicks and page navigation. The goal was to load all assets (such as images and videos) just before they need to be viewed to the user, thereby creating a lightning-fast web experience.

To let the user view more information about certain units within a building, a vectorised drawing was created and placed on top of the 3D renders. The information shown is fully customisable through the CMS.

Layers website unit selector mockup

The results

The resulting website features a minimalist design with striking visuals, videos, animations, and scroll effects that take the user on a journey through the different commercial space concepts, while providing information for potential buyers. We developed a custom solution using a market-proven CMS for a smooth, high-end user experience, with the goal of creating a lightning-fast web experience and a foundation for future extension.