Brand experience: from vision to digital store

Mujo is more than a new morning essential beverage. It is a Japanese concept of impermanence, reflecting the ever-changing nature of life. A concept mirrored in its name and carried through the execution of the webshop.



Key features

Flexible, scalable CMS

Simplified information architecture

Custom cross-platform search


Studio Vi was asked to help bring Mujo to life and build a digital store to introduce it to the world. This included creating a logo and brand identity, that was translated to the packaging, visual communication, and ecommerce platform. The primary objective was to establish a minimal yet expressive identity, ensuring a user-friendly experience at every step.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture

The name “Mujo” draws from Japanese Buddhism´s concept of impermanence, which teaches us to embody our adaptability to change. Encouraged by this philosophy we began by handcrafting the logo and customised the ‘m’ to slightly mirror the visual appearance of a Torii – a traditional Japanese gate. We rounded the corners and meticulously aligned all letters on a grid to create a calm and inviting expression.

We selected earthy tones to symbolise Mujo’s profound connection with ingredients sourced from the natural world. These were complemented with soothing white and subtle green tones. Our research revealed that medical packaging often features a clean white base combined with a distinctive colour block. Aligned with the brand’s health-oriented mission, we integrated these colour blocks on the back of Mujo packaging, ensuring each product stands out with its unique colour.

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User experience: transparency as guidance

With the visual identity in place, our focus shifted to the digital store and the customer experience. We began with a UX strategy workshop to identify Mujo’s target audience and create customer personas. This helped us understand what’s important to customers and informed the website’s content.

With transparency as a core value embraced by both Mujo and its customers, the website authentically reflects this commitment. How? By actively showcasing all the distinctive ingredients to customers and featuring a “Why Mujo” page elucidating the brand’s purpose. This page meticulously outlines the benefits of each ingredient, supported by links to relevant research papers.

Visual design: clean, bold, and evocative

The visual design emphasises a clean, bold aesthetic with evident Japanese influences and a prominent logo placement for brand recognition. To enrich the brand experience, we used imagery to narrate Mujo’s story and familiarise users with packaging and brand ambiance. In cases where images couldn’t be utilised, like showcasing ingredient benefits, we designed custom iconography to convey information effectively.

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Storytelling through brand video

To fully communicate the brand story we designed a video that represents the concept and values of the Mujo brand. Combining lifestyle footage portraying a health-conscious, active lifestyle with the product in action, it highlights the product’s benefits through a storytelling approach, creating a relatable connection with the audience. Consequently, the video enhances the overall user experience of the website, and gives a more modern, dynamic, and visually appealing feel, ultimately reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Crafting a unique Shopify experience

To create a truly personalised visual experience, we developed a custom Shopify theme from scratch. This gave us complete control over the design, including smooth animations and an optimised user experience. We kept the client’s needs at the forefront of our minds throughout the development process, ensuring that all content was integrated with Shopify and could be easily edited using the Shopify Customizer.

Collaboration Results

The workshops provided insights and perspectives that enabled the team to approach the design of the brand and website with a deep understanding of the target audience, their needs, and the roots of the brand. This resulted in a more refined and user-friendly journey.
Mujo and Studio Vi share a common mission of putting the human at the center of every experience in a transparent, engaging, and sustainable way.

“Studio Vi team was able to distill the branding and website ideas in our heads and turn them into an e-commerce-friendly work of art.”

Kinga Wilewska —