Boosting conversion through conversational AI

Daka header image and the digital growth agency WeLikeMilk approached Studio Vi to create a conversational campaign that would add to their overall ambition to becoming a key player with a market share of 5% within the next 3 years.

Image displaying different components of the UI design


Of the visitors used the adbot as a sales assistant


Insights from consumers got collected within 20 days


Selected their new hockeystick based on the adbots advice

Conversion driven

  1. In the current advertising landscape, we often see traditional advertising such as display, video, rich media, native and social ads. These ads are often good to use for the awareness layer. Daka was looking for a solution to increase conversion.
  2. There is a huge variety of options when it comes to hockey sticks. We needed an interactive solution for ensuring visitors got displayed items that fit their needs and desires

Optimised results

We developed an interactive assistant to help users pick their perfect item, by answering a few simple questions. This assistant was placed in dynamic banners to be selectively advertised on different platforms.

Image of different sized banners

Interactive assistant

The use of this form of advertising resulted in a significant increase in user engagement over traditional advertising campaigns. The interactive nature of the banner made it stand out from other advertising methods. The carefully created storyline meant that users were always being advertised items that suited them, by size, price range, and brand. This led to an increase in sales and the collection of valuable data on how users interact with their product