felyx: end of year campaign

felyx end of year campaign - like spotify wrapped

felyx approached Studio Vi with a proposition: A way in which they could bridge the connection between their service and their customers.

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The brief

To create a data-driven campaign that would send a personalised message to all of felyx’s customers, thanking them for their support and highlighting some key data points of how they interact with felyx over the past year. They wanted to highlight the loyalty their consumers had showed then, and reciprocate that loyalty with something personal.

Storyteq video production


felyx has been with Studio Vi since 2019. We had previously designed their online proposition and developed a website for felyx, which gave us a great understanding of their brand; its values, goals and ambitions. This lay the foundation for what would become their recognised brand. We used this recognition to develop the concept for their personalised message

Marketing value

The purpose of creating these videos is to connect your product with your customers. Personalised data within a video message can bridge that connection. These messages are highly shared across social media platforms, increasing your companies exposure significantly. Dynamic videos for messaging or advertising can be generated and displayed cleverly to increase their impact on your target audience through being more personal and therefore immersive.

“Personal and relevant content is what customers expect nowadays and that is what we delivered them by creating this awesome video. We will also expand our felyx “Year in Review Campaign” this year and make it even bigger and broader together with Studio Vi.”

Bram Peters —
CRM Marketeer at felyx