New web-experience for the #1 creative PR agency

Glasnost Russian Doll

Glasnost is The #1 earned-thinking agency from Amsterdam. They connect brands, people and culture through creative PR. Glasnost is part of the ACE Family.



Key features

Flexible, scalable CMS

Advanced animations and micro-interactions

Bold, brand-focused design

Glasnost form one of Studio Vi’s longest digital partnerships. An ambitious PR company like Glasnost is always looking to evolve. This evolution led them to join the ACE Family, prompting a new Brand Identity and Proposition for Glasnost. Studio Vi’s job? To create a kick-ass website to match.

A fresh look for a new proposition

Glasnost made it clear that their core values would remain the same, but their visual identity and online representation needed a revamp. Glasnost wanted bold colors, creative illustrations and a digital experience that was fun, interactive, immersive and cutting-edge. We designed and developed a website to match this new proposition.

After Before
Old Glasnost website
New Glasnost website
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To achieve a high-end immersive experience on a website, motion plays a huge role. We fused motion design with creative development to create eye-catching, performative animations and micro-interactions; bringing each unique element to life and creating a more engaging user experience.