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180 is a full-service award-winning creative agency with offices in Amsterdam and various locations worldwide. They have experienced rapid expansion and currently employ nearly 300 individuals. As a result, the necessity to organise and share their information across the globe has become more important than ever before.
They approached Studio Vi with a brief; an internal Wiki curated for their in-house teams, a one-stop shop for everything 180. Studio Vi created the One180 platform as the perfect solution.



Key Features

2FA access to the platform’s contents

Location-based content curation

Onboarding introduction



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Design & Development

Studio Vi collaborated closely with 180 to create a design that encapsulates their identity while focusing on functional realisation.

180 wanted to be able to maintain this platform themselves, meaning a CMS was essential. We created a custom solution based on the maintenance requirements of the 180 team. The big challenge with this structure was creating a large number of content types while conforming to a scalable architecture, which could be easily managed and curated by the 180 team.

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Security & Onboarding

It was essential to 180 that the website’s contents were safe, secure, and only reachable to the employees of 180. We implemented a Google Oauth client with 2-factor authentication. This meant only users within the 180 workspace had access to the contents of the website.

We developed a set of slides to help and guide new users to the platform, a tutorial of sorts.

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Location-based content

180 has four offices worldwide. Although cases and pitch decks were to be available to everyone, some internal documents were region specific. For this, we created a location selector to ensure each office had only the relevant content displayed to them.

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The result was a well-received internal tool for organising and finding content, the 180 way. All pitch decks, company assets and templates can be found in one place, with a sprinkle of fun throughout.

‘This was a critical platform in helping us realise our ambition to be fluid, connected and agile – we’re thrilled with the outcome’

Max Hurford —
Global Operations Director