Kennemer Duincamping: Christmas Campaign

Kennemer Duin Christmas campaign

Kennemerduin Campings is the umbrella organisation of three beautiful and distinctive campsites situated in the Dutch sand dunes. They approached Studio Vi to create an engaging Christmas message for their customers.

Christmas campaign - mobile version

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The briefing

Every year, around Christmas, Kennemer Duincampings sends a Christmas greeting with a number of highlights of what will be new at the campsites next season. For the end of 2021, Kennemer Duincampings was looking for an innovative way to greet its customers via a unique and engaging Christmas message. Studio Vi helped with the development of a creative and immersive experience for the Christmas greeting of 2021 with a clear connection to the unique landscape and features of each campsite.


Studio Vi created layered illustrations representing each camping. These layers would overlay each other and move at different speeds, providing a 3D & parallax effect. Different elements such as the car and background accommodation were animated in after effects and then exported with Lottie.

Chrsitmas campaign with animations


We created a lightweight CMS, made to be performative in order to handle a large number of concurrent users. We used the 3D animation Javascript library GSAP to achieve the smooth and complex animations necessary. The timing of each layer needed to alter per screen size, to ensure users enjoyed an engaging experience regardless of what device they used.

The result

This resulted in an immersive and unique Christmas message in which over half of users completed to the end. 25% of users went on to visit one of the 3 campsites from the Christmas campaign.

“Studio Vi is stubborn enough to take original concepts and ideas to a higher level. In addition, they are absolutely open to co-creation, which makes it a pleasure to work with them. And more importantly: the result is creative and effective”

Steven Bodoux —
Creative (digital) Marketing Manager