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In the past 43 years, Smit & de Wolf has established a strong and respected position in the field of tax and accountancy.


Smit & de Wolf

Key features

Full visual identity

Fast loading website

Integration of news feed

Integration of third-party customer reviews

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A modern identity

Due to a transfer of the company to the sons of the founders, it was a logical step to rethink Smit & de Wolf’s current brand position and visual communication across online and offline channels. Smit & de Wolf approached Studio Vi to design and develop a website with a new visual identity.

Because Smit & de Wolf has been around for more than 40 years, the company has a wide range of clients, both old and new (young) customers.

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Redefined brand

Besides a modernized visual appearance, the tone of voice from Smit en de Wolf has also been upgraded to today’s standards. By facilitating hands-on branding workshops together with the board members, a new brand manifest and brand purpose were defined, leading to a clear proposition guidebook.

When designing the logo it was important to renew and rejuvenate the logo, without losing its recognizability.

Visual Identity

A lot of items have been designed, such as business cards, folders, and mailing paper. The style of these elements corresponds to the overall new look & feel of Smit & de Wolf.

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Web design

In today’s digital strategy, web architecture and user flow play a key role in ranking higher and being more visible than an organization’s competitor’s. This is why a lot of focus has been put on optimizing the underlying structure and the visible copy on Smit & de Wolf’s website.

This resulted in an intuitive navigation experience and a top ranking in Google search. From now on, both existing clients and future customers can use the website to get consulting on legal and financial topics, resulting in a personal touch and trusted relation both in real life and online.

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