Future-proof buying journeys

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Investing can be too complex. Contacting realtors, completing paperwork, and enduring unnecessary back-and-forth communication make the multi-step process time consuming. For Storage Club we created a streamlined solution.


Storage Club

Key features

User-friendly platform for easy navigation

Personalised investment options tailored to users

Informed decisions with real-time data

The briefing

Storage Club, a brand new self-storage provider, was born with the goal of disrupting the industry through an innovative and customer-centric approach. Sustainability, attractive facilities, and prime locations are their key differentiators to cater the growing market demand.

By partnering with Studio Vi, Storage Club provides a user-friendly platform featuring seamless navigation, personalised communication, and an immersive investor journey. This streamlined experience eliminates the need for multiple back-and-forth conversations with realtors, saving users valuable time in securing their perfect storage solution.

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An interactive guide for smarter investments

Choosing the right storage unit can feel overwhelming. That’s why Studio Vi developed Choice Help (or Keuzehulp), an interactive tool that simplifies the investing journey and search. All investors need to do is answer a few quick questions about what they need to store, and Choice Help intelligently narrows down the available choices, recommending the perfect unit based on each user specific requirements. This innovative feature saves your customers time and ensures each individual finds the storage solution that’s just right.

Measurable benefits include saving time, eliminating the need for a realtor by offering an intuitive platform, and empowering each individual with the necessary resources to make an informed decision.

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Empowering search with real time unit explorer

Studio Vi designed a user-centric platform for Storage Club, empowering individuals to take control of their storage needs. This platform simplifies the search process with an intuitive design and a powerful 3D unit selector. The 3D selector provides real-time information about each unit, allowing users to explore options independently. From clear descriptions and dimensions to pricing details and real-time availability, every element contributes to a seamless online experience. The user-friendly interface guides each investor through each step, connecting individuals with a Storage Club representative only when needed.

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Delivering exceptional customer experiences with HubSpot

Exceptional customer service starts with understanding your clients. To ensure a seamless and supportive experience, Studio Vi integrates HubSpot, a powerful all-in-one CRM system. This system allows Storage Club to connect with each customer through their preferred channel – phone calls, meetings, or emails. By segmenting incoming leads based on storage unit size, location needs, and budget, the CRM guarantees all communication is relevant and tailored. No matter how a customer prefers to be contacted, Storage Club can provide 24/7 support and guidance, empowering them to make an informed decision with a smooth, personalised journey. The sales team works collaboratively behind the scenes, enabling this personalised approach and delivering a tailor-made customer experience for each buyer.

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The results

At Studio Vi, we believe your digital solution should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we developed a powerful all-in-one platform for Storage Club. It seamlessly combines rich property displays with a CRM tool, guiding users through every step of their investment journey, from initial awareness to securing a unit.

This platform automates workflows, freeing up the sales team for personalised assistance. Data-driven insights optimise the customer journey, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional realtor models. By eliminating the middleman, Storage Club offers a streamlined, cost-effective experience.

This innovative solution empowers both Storage Club and their customers to take control of their digital storage journey, making it faster, easier, and more personalised.

“Storage Club’s new website has not only helped us increase our sales, but it has also strengthened our brand identity and improved our visibility in the market.”

Bob Klaarenbeek —
Commercial Director at Storage Club