Surfly - website revamp

Surfly approached Studio Vi to revamp their online presence to more accurately portray their identity and ambitions.



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Barba JS

GSAP & Lottie

Surfly approached Studio Vi to revamp their online presence


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The brief

We were asked to design and develop a new website, signifying Surfly’s expansion and purpose. The new website needed to be user-friendly, informative, lightning-fast and needed to stand out from their competitors.

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Surfly website comparison - new
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Surfly needed a flexible solution, capable of creating custom landing pages for their regular campaigns


We worked on creating a unique platform using Surfly’s already recognisable branding. We added clever interactions and subtle animations to bring the webpage to life.


We utilised the WordPress CMS and built a custom theme from scratch, making it lightweight and performative. This allowed Surfly to create flexible landing pages for their campaigns, add new blog posts with ease, and keep their content evolving.

We utilised the WordPress CMS and built a custom theme from scratch


To achieve the custom-made micro-interactions and animations we used Lottie. This library transforms After Effects animations into raw JSON code that can be inserted to animate buttons, cards and backgrounds with high performance.


Analytical data was of paramount importance to the marketing team at Surfly. We transferred all their current tags from Google Tag Manager and integrated their preferred marketing software to all forms and CTA buttons, so that they can gather all the data they need to conduct successful campaigns.

“The response of our team to the quality of the design and development of the Surfly website was overwhelmingly good, with a transparent and smooth process on both creative and project side.”

Brendan Jackson —
VP Marketing at Surfly

Surfly's mobile responsive version


This resulted in a unique front-end interface, with clever micro-interactions and smooth background animations. Our custom, user-friendly WordPress CMS made it easy for Surfly to create custom landing pages, conduct campaigns and add blogs weekly, with little or no technical knowledge needed.

Surfly has seen 75,000+ unique visitors to their website every month, with 30% of those visitors returning and spending an average of 2 mins per page.