A refreshed digital proposition for an award-winning creative family business

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Zandbeek is a family business with award-winning creativity at its heart. It finds, tells and connects the stories that make brands stand out.

They recently completed a rebranding process and refined its proposition based on the following: The Full Story©. From positioning to design. From idea to campaign. And from commercials to audio stories. Zandbeek delivers.

The Brief

The new brand identity, created by GEORGE&HARRISON, needed a suitable website that does it justice. Not necessarily trendy, but timeless. That is why Zandbeek partnered with Studio Vi to create a website that fits the new identity of Zandbeek as an organisation with its positioning, proposition and reputation.

Zandbeek was looking for a visually simple and user-friendly interface with advanced UX (User Experience); in which “The Full Story” was presented prominently and centrally in a contemporary and stimulating way.

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Less is more

With the rebrand came a new tone of voice. Zandbeek likes to keep things brief. When presenting The Full Story, their story and their work, they like to be concise in their communication and want to show a lot by using images creatively. We achieved this by only using elements necessary to tell the story and creatively using motion design to optimise the user experience.

Zandbeek has worked for some quite high profile clients; Rijkswaterstaat, ABN-AMRO, AON and NHA just to name a few. These collaborations resulted in the production of high-quality content that Zandbeek wants to show throughout the site. The images Zandbeek can create and the stories they can tell with them are more than enough to show their work. When these beautiful images grab your attention, it creates an amazing experience where the content tells the story.

The Locomotive scroll Experience

To optimise the user experience, we integrated fluid scrolling throughout the website. Because of this integration we were able to take control of the browser’s native scroll to modify its behaviour, speed, direction, easing, delay, and stopping and starting the scroll. It creates a cinematic user effect that smooths out navigation, which resulted in a user experience that matched Zandbeek’s identity and elevated the minimalist look and feel of the website.


Apart from a clean, simplistic and inviting website, Zandbeek wanted a robust CMS to easily manage and extend future functionality. It was imperative that the same user experience could be achieved on all devices. We used creative development techniques to ensure this experience sitewide.

Zandbeek wanted a bold, immersive website experience for their users while being able to manage and maintain their website with ease. For this, we used a custom WordPress solution, the most commonly used CMS worldwide, to manage their content and act as a foundation.

To achieve a cutting-edge immersive experience, we combined GSAP and Barba js, 2 Javascript libraries focused on creating smooth and seamless animations and transitions. The combination of utilising these libraries along with locomotive scroll, performance optimisations and custom CSS and JS interactions led to a one-of-a-kind experience for Zandbeek’s visitors, worthy of their brand and reputation.