Materialise the vision for a new learning space and online interaction

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A research group of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of TU Delft is working on a project to support the integration of education about circularity in their Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Studio Vi was asked to create a digital community-driven platform supporting this initiative.


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Key features

Educational user interaction platform

Extensive admin dashboard for moderation

Personalised content feed based on user’s interests


The Brief

The group built one platform to share educational resources (Circularity for Educators) and asked Studio Vi to construct a second platform for the users to exchange about related topics. This digital environment, called Educators for Circularity, provides a digital environment to connect with like-minded people, circularity experts and educators. They can then share experiences, especially about activities that have proven to be pedagogically valuable, and in this way learn from each other.

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Way of working

In close collaboration with the group we defined the functionalities that the platform should include. The most important aspect was to design interactive discussion spaces where content would be curated.

“Studio Vi helped us materialize our vision for a new learning space and new rituals for online interaction and exchange. Their flexibility and creative ideas made this journey possible.”

Olga Ioannou —
Assistant Professor AE+T at TU Delft